2019 Expected Win Totals

Want to know what to expect for your favorite team, given their results so far? Check back each week to see rolling win totals (regular season) based on current record. All these expected win totals are powered by the 100,000 preseason simulations of the College Football Atlas 2019.

How it works…

Each team starts with a preseason record expectation. Then they play some games, they win some and they lose some, and every result impacts their expected win total on the year. The College Football Atlas, utilizing 100,000 simulations, has already accounted for the vast majority of the possibilities of what might happen in 2019 before a single snap or kickoff. With each team win or loss, the team’s expected record changes, as the possibilities narrow and the Atlas homes in on the final record. Note that these expected record results are based ONLY on wins and losses, NOT on game scores.

After each week is completed, win expectations will be updated to reflect how the game results affected each team.

Check the Expected Win Totals page to see how big upsets or wins over your rivals affect your team’s win-loss record!

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