2 thoughts on “College Football Coaching Staff Rankings – Spring 2020

  1. Hey Scott:

    Efficiency – Measures percent of net point contributions to a final score that are positive. All plays in a game can be divided up into net points, and when you add up all those net points, you get the final margin of victory (or defeat). This column measure it historically for the whole staff, for position groups they were responsible for since 2005, with more weight given to coaches with more responsibility, like head coaches, coordinators, etc. 50% is average.

    Experience – Similar to Efficiency, except this measures absolute net points. Absolute net points is the value of all point swings in all the games these coaches were involved in since 2005. As the name suggests, this is simply a way to measure overall experience coaching.

    Percentile – Normalized measure of Efficiency% that also accounts for Experience–which is why you can have a team with a lower Experience% that has a higher percentile. (If you don’t account for Experience, you could mistakenly overrate or underrate an inexperienced coaching staff based on a couple good or bad years, for instance.)

    The Percentile number puts Efficiency % into intuitive context. The letter grades are then categorized based on the Percentile score of each coaching staff. The grading scale is asymmetric, so a C+ is an average grade.

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