The 2022 College Football Atlas is live

The biggest college football preview in the land is now available for the 2022 season! Pick up the most advanced analytical preview on the market from the most accurate College Football Playoff forecaster* in the country. Don’t enter the sportsbook without it.


2022 College Football Atlas Cover Page



The CFB landscape has undergone dramatic transformations and is now entrenched in the Transfer Portal era. With players on the move in unprecedented fashion, it is more important than ever to account for the quality of past opposition. Talent and past power ratings are still critical predictors, but in the 2022 Atlas, the classical “returning experience” variable has been heavily augmented by “roster aptitude”, a metric that matches the players on the team to the coaching systems that will be employed. Considering these dynamics, predictions in the 2022 College Football Atlas are made using state-of-the-art / state-of-the-game models that emphasize talent profiles, coaching ability, and career player performance, all adjusted for strength of schedule. 

Checking in at 546 pages, the 2022 College Football Atlas dwarfs other preseason magazines. Four pages of power ratings, moneylines, point spreads, over/under valuations, player efficiency ratings, unit projections, record probabilities, and more are included for all 131 FBS teams in the nation. Full conference projections include all the divisional and championship odds you need to make smart choices against the market. And of course, no preview would be complete without a full ranking projection – with probabilities – of the final College Football Playoff top 4 and top 25.

The magazine leverages the proprietary CFB Coaches Database to produce unprecedented coaching plots for every phase of the game, relating unit efficiency rates to game-by-game win probabilities. Nowhere else can you dig into such granular detail of how a team’s coaching systems work. How much does Navy’s offensive system rely on QB rush efficiency? How does Mike Leach’s Air Raid translate WR production into chances of winning a game? The answers are inside.

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Features & Enhancements

  • The most advanced & comprehensive analytics of any college football preview

  • Career roster performance analytics based on a brand-new Bayesian projection system to reflect the new reality of the Transfer Portal era

  • Coaching staff & unit projection scatterplots for each phase of the game

  • Game-by-game point spreads, moneylines & win probabilities

  • Easy point spread updates based on team results throughout the season

  • Complete over/under matrix & conference/playoff odds for all teams

  • Cutting-edge power rating system based on play-by-play win probabilities instead of final scores, so meaningless points don’t matter

  • Four color pages per team, twice as many as any other college football preview

  • Countless other stats, figures & ratings that you won’t find anywhere else

Want to see more before picking up a copy? Check out the free sample pages for Utah, the top playoff contender in the Pac-12:

2022 College Football Atlas Sample Download: #18 Utah

* has correctly picked 17 of 32 (53%) playoff teams in the 8-year history of the College Football Playoff. Lindy’s has also correctly identified 17 of 32 teams. No other preseason predictor or magazine has scored higher than 14. Acclaimed prognosticator Phil Steele has correctly picked 12 of 32 playoff teams (38%).