2023 Week 6 Power Ratings

A couple (power rating) stories have emerged thus far in the 2023 college football season:

  • The Pac-12 is dominant in its swan song, boasting five of the Top 10 teams (Washington, Oregon, USC, Washington State, and Oregon State)
  • The SEC continues its swoon, scoring only four teams in the Top 30, dropping behind the Pac-12, Big Ten, and Big XII
  • The MWC is on the rise, with three in the Top 30, including #14 Air Force (who has only thrown 19 passes in five games this year!)

A continuing narrative of this power rating system is the precipitous decline of Georgia. The two-time defending champs staved off Auburn’s upset bid (thanks to the one-man show that is TE Brock Bowers) and climbed some as a result, but they still sit only in the #35 slot. Also in the 30s, 5-0 Kentucky visits Athens this weekend for what should be another close game…despite the two-touchdown point spread.

For a score prediction between two teams, compute the difference between their power ratings, and add 2.3 for home field advantage.