All-MAC Coaching Staff

Change is a constant in the MAC. While they don’t always stay there for the long haul, many great coaches cut their teeth in the midlands conference. In that spirit, the All-MAC Coaching Staff is heavy on potential and light on experience. Toledo front man Jason Candle retains the top slot on a staff featuring young assistants–such as Darren Paige, Pat Welsh, Justin Hinds, and Doug Shearer–who have had some early success in their careers.

IN: Darren Paige, Nate Cole, Pat Welsh, Craig Kuligowski, Brian Borland, Justin Hinds, Jeff Burrow, Doug Shearer
OUT: Bryan Gasser, Chris Hedden, Robby Discher, Spence Nowinsky, Taiwo Onatolu, Neal Neathery, Ross Watson, Hank Poteat