College Football Atlas 2018

NOTE: College Football Atlas 2018 purchase window has closed; stay tuned for information on College Football Atlas 2019

Innovation. Evolution. Analytics. The digital preview you deserve in the Information Age.

College Football Atlas 2018: the thousand-page preview

Eight pages per team (except Liberty, who still gets two). Over 1,000 pages cover to cover. Three times the size of Phil Steele–and a buck cheaper. (and is more accurate for three straight years, too)

In other words, the biggest college football preview ever created.

Notes: College Football Atlas 2018 is in pdf format. Since the Atlas is big, the download may take a minute to download. It’ll be waiting for you in your email if you close the download window.

Analytics Unleashed

Meaningful numbers instead of empty narratives:

Playoff chances. Top 25 ranking probabilities. Divisional odds and standings. Record likelihoods. Complete over-under matrices for every win total and every set of odds. Individual player point values–how they actually affect the final score–for every position. Player strengths, weaknesses, and histories. Recruiting ratings. Coach effects. Game-by-game score predictions and win probabilities. Historical trends by position. Transfer players. Conditional record probabilities. Conference Championship Game matchup likelihoods. Top player lists by division. National rankings, power ratings, scoring offense, scoring defense, and strength of schedule ranks.

And more.

For just twelve bucks.

With your purchase, download your personal copy of College Football Atlas on up to three devices*.

The Numbers

No weird, unintuitive acronyms for the numbers here, like you might see on other analytics sites. Want to know how a quarterback’s accuracy helped or hurt his team? You’ll find that under “Accuracy”. How good was a running back in the open field? That’s listed under (you guessed it) “Open Field”.

Defense and Special Teams aren’t forgotten, either. How often did passes targeting a certain defender fall incomplete? That percentage is called “Incomplete (%)”. You get the idea. There are numbers for all kinds of plays and scenarios, and they don’t require dictionaries to figure out.

On the Fence?

Check out the sample pages for Ball State to get a feel for what’s included:

Ball State Sample Pages

(Why Ball State? Since I’m a statistician, I randomly selected an FBS team, and Ball State was the winner. Cardinals’ fans, I hope you still consider buying the whole preview after getting a free look at your team’s pages, because you still want to scout out your MAC West opponents, right?)

*download onto any three devices you want–your desktop, your phone, your football-watching buddy’s tablet–but sharing the file in any other manner is prohibited, because while YOU wouldn’t do it, someone ELSE might post it publicly or mass-email it to their contact list, which isn’t fair to you guys who paid