Weekly Predictions

Based on popular request, we will be posting updated game forecasts and tracking the accuracy of the McIllece Sports college football predictions all season long.

Early each week of the CFB season, the detailed table below will be updated with current week predictions for all FBS-only games. Lines, moneylines, and ESPN-FPI win probabilities will be drawn from the data posted at ESPN College Football’s daily lines page:

College Football Daily Lines | ESPN

The betting data will be loaded on Sundays except for Week 2, which will be loaded on Tuesday following the Labor Day Weekend games. In some cases, if lines for specific games aren’t yet posted by Sunday, the betting data will be filled in as soon as it becomes available at the link above.

In a departure from some other accuracy trackers, we’ll be grading two sets of McIllece Sports predictions:

  1. Preseason game forecasts from the 2022 College Football Atlas preview magazine
  2. Updated game projections after incorporating all the year-to-date results of the current CFB season

The Updated projections are a weighted combination of preseason expectations and in-season power ratings.

In Week 0, the Atlas predictions and the Updated predictions will be the same, since no games have yet been played.

Starting in Week 1, Updated predictions will begin to diverge (for those teams that played in Week 0).

By Week 2, the two sets of predictions will be different, as every FBS team will have played a game by then.

If the Lookup Table is not showing on mobile, please switch to desktop view.

2022 Weekly Predictions